Our Managed WiFi service provides complete internet coverage for your property, office, event space, residences and guest rooms for business or pleasure. We have custom solutions with tailored splash pages and SSID's, tiered internet bandwidth for every environment utilizing the highest performance and most reliable equipment available. WiFi everywhere is here, get connected.

What we do different .

Pre Installation

Site Inspection

Complex site inspection and thorough customer interview ensures us to provide the best Wifi network in the most cost effective manner.  In Wifi network design, more does not mean better, more AP means more interference which decrease the performance of the network.

Signal Strength Engineering

Our network engineers design our systems to blanket every corner of the property, we utilize the latest in Wifi signal strength analysis tools to make sure everyone is able to have a ultimate Wifi experience


Experience Team

Our Highly trained engineers and technicians have 100’s of years of combined experience to ensure delivery of our services to all our properties with 99.99% reliability.  

Wifi Load Testing

After installation, our quality control engineers puts the Wifi network through strenuous test with real world bandwidth utilization to ensure the stability of the network when it goes online.

Powerful Wifi Signal


Efficient Deployment


Professional Deployment

reliable hardware

Local crew

24/7 Support

remote managed

cost saving

Industry leading SLA

High Security Standards




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